How To Attach Shock Doctor Mouthguard To Hockey Helmet

Shock Doctor mouthguards are an essential piece of safety equipment for hockey players. The mouthguard helps protect the teeth and jaw from injury. The Shock Doctor mouthguard attaches to the hockey helmet with a strap. The strap goes around the back of the head and attaches to the front of the helmet.

How To Attach Shock Doctor Mouthguard To Hockey Helmet

Shock Doctor mouthguards are designed to protect teeth and jaws from impact during sports. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be attached to a hockey helmet using a few simple steps. To attach a Shock Doctor mouthguard to a hockey helmet, first remove the old mouthguard, if present. Place the new mouthguard in the upper teeth and press it firmly into place. Make sure that all of the air vents are facing up. Next, fit the

-shock doctor mouthguard -hockey helmet

  • Trim off any excess plastic and make sure that the guard fits comfortably in your mouth
  • With the use of a hot glue gun
  • Using the shock doctor mouthguard as a model, cut out the guard from the plastic sheet

1. Make sure that the shock doctor mouthguard is properly fitted to your mouth before attaching it to the hockey helmet. 2. Place the hockey helmet on a flat surface and position the shock doctor mouthguard in the middle of the helmet’s front opening. 3. Apply pressure to the center of the mouthguard until it is securely attached to the hockey helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Boil Shock Doctor Mouthguards?

Shock Doctor mouthguards can be boiled for up to 10 minutes.

How Do I Fit My Mouthguard?

To fit a mouthguard, first soak it in cold water for about 30 seconds. Then, fit it into your mouth and press your teeth against it to form an impression. Finally, use your fingers to adjust the guard to fit comfortably.

How Do I Know If My Mouth Guard Fits?

There are a few ways to know if your mouth guard fits. One way is to make sure that the mouth guard covers all of your teeth, and that it is comfortable. Additionally, you can try biting down on the mouth guard to see if it stays in place.

How Long Do I Put My Mouthguard In Boiling Water?

It is recommended to boil a mouthguard for at least one minute.

How Do You Attach A Shock Doctor Mouthguard To A Helmet?

Shock Doctor makes two types of mouthguards – the Strapless and the Strap. The Strapless is designed to be worn without a strap and fits snugly against your teeth. The Strap is the traditional mouthguard that is attached to a strap that goes around your head. For both types of mouthguards, you will need to fit it to your helmet. First, put on your helmet and adjust it to fit snugly. Then, put the mouthguard in your mouth and adjust it so that it fits comfortably. Finally, use the straps or clips on the back of the mouthguard to attach it to your helmet.

How Do You Fit A Shock Doctor Mouthguard?

Shock Doctor mouthguards are designed to fit snugly in the mouth and protect the teeth, jaw, and head. To fit a Shock Doctor mouthguard, first select the appropriate size. Most mouthguards come in youth, adult, and senior sizes. Next, soften the mouthguard by boiling it in water for about 30 seconds. Remove from the water and quickly form it to the shape of your teeth. Finally, allow the mouthguard to cool and harden before using.

Why Is My Mouth Guard Not Fitting?

The mouth guard may not be fitting because the person’s teeth are not properly aligned. The mouth guard may also not be fitting because the person has a large tongue.


To attach a shock doctor mouthguard to a hockey helmet, first make sure the mouthguard is properly sized for your teeth. Next, fit the mouthguard into the hockey helmet and line up the front and back of the mouthguard with the front and back of the helmet. Clamp the mouthguard in place by tightening the screws on either side of the helmet.

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